Fall 2018

Class Schedule


Thursday, August 23 Introduction to Class

Assign Narrative

Tuesday, August 28 Forked Introduction/Chapter 1

EW Chs. 1-5


Assign Teams

The Writing Process

Descriptive Writing

Discuss Reading

Thursday, August 30 EW Ch. 34

BP #1


Discuss Blog Posts

Tuesday, September 4 Forked Chapter 2

EW 1-11

Narrative Draft

Discuss Reading

Common Errors

MSWord and Error

Narrative Draft Workshop

Thursday, September 6 Narrative Due

Assign Analysis

Assign Analysis

Analyzing Arguments

Tuesday, September 11 No Class–Florence

BP #2

Analyzing Arguments
Thursday, September 13 No Class (Minnesota) Get to work on that draft!
Tuesday, September 18 Forked Chapters 3 and  4

They Say, I Say Introduction, Chapter 1, and Chapter 9

BP #3

Analyzing Arguments


Thursday, September 20 EW Ch. 30 & 32

They Say, I Say Chapter 8


Concision and Coherence


Tuesday, September 25 Argument Analysis Draft

Forked Chapter 5

Argument Analysis Draft Workshop

Discuss Reading

Thursday, September 27 Analysis Due Assign Mid-Semester Portfolio
Tuesday, October 2 Sample Student Papers

BP #4

Forked Chapter 6

Discuss Sample Student Papers

Discuss Reading

Thursday, October 4 No Class (New Orleans)


Tuesday, October 9 Mid-Semester Portfolio Drafts

Forked Chapter 7

EW Ch. 13

Mid-Semester Portfolio Workshop


Thursday, October 11  


Tuesday, October 16 Mid-Semester Portfolio Due

Possible Researched Argument Topics

They Say, I Say Chapters 5 & 7

Forked Chapter 8

Assign Research Proposal

Discuss Researched Argument

Introduction to Argument

Discuss Possible Topics

Choosing and Narrowing Topics

Thursday, October 18 No Class—Fall Break No Class—Fall Break
Tuesday, October 23 Research Proposal Draft Due

(at conference)

No Class–Conferences
Thursday, October 25 Research Proposal Draft Due

(at conference)

BP #5

No Class–Conferences
Tuesday, October 30 Forked Chapter 9

Revised Research Proposal Draft

EW Ch. 14, 16, 35-37


Research Proposal Workshop

Thursday, November 1 Research Proposal Due

EW Ch. 14

Assign Final Researched Argument

Evaluating Sources Workshop

Tuesday, November 6 No Class—Election Day
Thursday, November 8 They Say, I Say Chapters 4 & 6

BP #6


(BP #7)

Tuesday, November 13 They Say, I Say Chapter 2 & 3

EW Ch. 15 & 39

BP #7


Incorporating Sources


Thursday, November 15 Researched Argument Drafts



Researched Argument Workshop

Tuesday, November 20 Researched Argument Due Assign Reflective Cover Paper and Final


Thursday, November 22 No Class–Thanksgiving
Tuesday, November 27 EW Ch. 28, 31 & 34

BP #8

Coordination and Subordination
Thursday, November 29 EW Ch. 30 & 32 Concision and Cohesion

Final Portfolio Workshop

Tuesday, December 4 Final Portfolio Workshop

EW Ch. 35-40


Final Portfolio Workshop

Thursday, December 6 Final Portfolio Due


Tuesday, December 11 9:25am to 10:25am—Section 30 Portfolios Returned

2:00pm to 3:00pm—Section 3 Portfolios Returned

Thursday, December 13 8:00am to 9:00am–Section 29 Portfolios Returned


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