Evaluating Sources

Even as you search for sources, you need to consider the factors that help determine the quality of a source–distance and review.

Library Subscription Databases

  • Academic/Scholarly/Peer Reviewed Journals–These journals are where your professors publish their work. They are reviewed carefully by experts in the field who can vouch for their quality.
  • Popular Newspapers and Magazine–These periodicals include editors who check for the accuracy of work written by journalists. They have a level of review but that level is not one of expertise in a field other than journalism. Articles often refer to “studies” published in academic journals discussed above and, as such, are more distant from the original study.

Google Scholar

  • Google Scholar will filter only scholarly sources from a normal Google search but will not guarantee the full text article. Google Scholar is not a bad choice to begin your research and use in conjunction with the library’s subscription databases.