Combine the following sentences using subordination and/or coordination. Be sure to punctuate appropriately.

My niece is an excellent basketball player.
She does not plan to try out for the team.

Sandra never rides the Ferris wheel.
She is afraid of heights.

I get home after work.
I’ll give you a call.

My company is very conservative.
I have to wear a suit every day.
I get home from work.
I immediately slip into a sweatshirt and jeans.

Combine the following sentences using coordination and/or subordination appropriately. That is, make sure to subordinate ideas that should be subordinated. Be sure to punctuate correctly. Make each passage three sentences long.

You want to save money in the supermarket.
You should learn where the bargains are and are not.
Managers want to sell high-cost items like imported mustard.
They place these items on eye-level shelves.
Shoppers are less likely to look on lower shelves.
Managers put less profitable items there.

Grandpa never graduated from high school.
He strongly believes in education.
He was the first one to take me to a library.
He has always encouraged me to study hard.
Grandpa retired from his job at the factory.
He began studying to get a high school diploma.