Blog Prompt #8 (12/1/2015)

For your final blog post, explain specifically and exactly what changes you have made to each of the previous drafts. Consider this blog post as a start for the Reflective Letter to be included in the Final Portfolio.

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  1. Callaghan Walker
    November 25, 2017 at 9:00 pm

    For my final portfolio I have changed alot. I originally received a score of 68 on my mid semester portfolio and have assured myself that, that won’t happen again. I have corrected all grammar, spelling, and wordiness errors that were the death of me in my mid-semester portfolio. I looked over each sentence individually this thanksgiving break and disposed of careless errors in all previous papers I made while I was writing but not thinking. I also looked deeply into the clarity of purpose of my past papers and tried to make how I feel, and what I’m trying to convey as obvious as possible to the audience. I am also trying to better understand all of the objections to my arguments. If I understand these arguments better I can rebuttle more precisely. Another area I struggled with originally was my quality of thought. I plan to approach this as smoothly as possible by being more detailed in all of my examples and speaking on what I’m trying to get across in a more logical manner. These are the things I will be improving for my final portfolio.

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